Agent v0.5.9 with telegraf arm binary, better tags and 802.11ax improvements

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Please update your agents to the latest version v0.5.9.  Fixes for the telegraf M1 binary depending upon architecture (the PS agent was always cross-compiled. However, telegraf would have previously only worked if Rosetta was already installed whereby now telegraf works by default by selecting the correct binary). Also, tweaks for scripts relating to 802.11ax and better tagging.

Agent v0.5.6 with tonnes of agent improvements and better web UI

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Please update your agents to the latest version v0.5.6. Fixes for multiple telegraf instances running (which led to increases in data and insights), incorrect DNS failure conditions addressed on fast connections and caches, better agent logic and menus, and some web annotations improvements to help you know what's going wrong and when!

Dashboard UI and respective API calls to Influx

Updated the icons and colors on the dashboard to accommodate larger amounts of insights. Also updated the method for requesting insights from Influx to reduce API calls to per bucket rather than per agent.

WiFi Access Point BSSID + OEM manufacturer now shown (except Monterey)

This helps to spot roaming even when 2 or more APs are on the same channel. It also tells you the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), so you can see what type of radio equipment or vendor an agent is connecting to.

Note: Unfortunately, macOS Monterey 12.x requires sudo access to reveal the BSSID. Previous macOS versions did not. The PanSift agent runs with user-level privileges only to increase trust and confidence.

Better Automatic Agent Sync When Claiming Buckets

Now, when claiming a bucket, the agent sync will run automatically. This makes onboarding simpler and time to value faster.

Agent v0.4.3 Better agent user input handling + lighthouse probing for old macOS machines with cert issues.

Please update your agents to the latest version v0.4.3. Improvements in agent configuration display and user input validation when manually updating settings. Fixes for older macOS with ISRG Root X1 certificate trust issues as PanSift depends on cURL.

Better Internet and DNS outage detection and reporting. Improved host views.

Rather than windowing or subdividing time ranges (which can inflate outage numbers), now only discrete outages are shown for Internet or DNS outages. Additionally, the "Last Seen" time and "Machine UUID" have been added to the "Host Details" section in the Agent view.
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